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Recycle More. Landfill Less.: Why I Will Never Be an Organ Donor


If I knew my parts would go to a child in need..then I would be a proponent of Organ Donation. But we all know we live in a fucked up world where Dick Cheney goes to the top of a Heart Transplant list and passes up more deserving people on that list! So we know the system is flawed and bought. Speaking of know the hospitals “sell” your organs—yes—those ones you DONATED! And lastly…I think the doctors are a little to eager to harvest organs from an organ donor rather than fight to save their life. A teenager in the midwest wasn’t even officially declared Brain Dead and the hospital already began gutting him because he was an organ donor. His parents are suing. So there you have it—the basics of why I will never be an organ donor.

Refusal to donate organs on religious grounds I can appreciate — even if I don’t agree.

But refusal to donate organs because they (a) might end up in someone you don’t like, or (b) might be sold illegally — which is, by the way, incredibly unlikely in Western countries — is repugnant. Not to mention wrong-headed.

If more people donated organs, the value of organs would actually decline, making the black market for organs less lucrative, and making abuse of organ distribution less likely.

If more people donated organs, those organs would be more likely to make it to the right people.

So opting out of organ donation would actually make things worse.

More than 110,000 Americans will be on a transplant list this year. That number has grown steadily every year. Nearly 20 Americans die every day waiting for a useable organ to replace the one that failed or is failing. Despite the need for organs, according to H&HS there were only about 15,000 organ donors in the entire country last year. Presumably the statistics are proportional (to population) in similar countries as mine.

There are lots of reasons to donate posthumously, but here’s the best one: You’ll be dead. You won’t care how your body is used.

Sign up.

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    Refusal to donate organs on religious grounds I can appreciate — even if I don’t agree. But refusal to donate organs...
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